Other Mentions


BBC World News: Entertainment & Arts – Interview for radio and print by BBC World Service Arts correspondent Vincent Dowd. Recorded on April 1, 2014, and released on April 3rd. Mark was interviewed as an expert on tap history for “Savion Glover’s tap-dancing mission heads to the UK.”







The Church of Elvis – Documentary series produced by Summerhill Television for Vision TV, Spring 2010. Interviewed as expert about the racial, sexual and cultural connotations of Elvis Presley’s dancing.



Lancer Magazine, Summer/Fall 2009, p. 21, by John Blackstock and Jim Poyner – ” The Wicked Waltz and Other Scandalous Dances.”

Lnacer Mag 09



Tap teacher and tap dancer Mark Knowles



Tap On Tour, Hollywood, by PeiChen Wei, pp. 92-105, published in 2007 in Chinese. There is a chapter about  Mark and his career in the tap world.




Dancer Mag new.jpg


Dancer Magazine, Vol. 18, issue 11, July 2007, pp. 72-3. Notable Feet – “The Tap Dance Rhythms and Rhymes of Mark Knowles,” By Joy Held.





Tapping into dance history, an article about Tap Roots: The Early History of Tap Dancing


Pasadena Star-News, April 10, 2004, p. A3, “Tapping into Dance History: La Salle High School teacher’s book explores origins of art.” By Emmanuel Parker.









Education Today – Radio Interview with host Dan Angelo on KUCR 88.3 fm and KVCR 91.9 fm, recorded on August 6, 2002.