Song-writing with Scott Harlan

This morning I’m meeting with musician Scott Harlan to create an opening number for Alison England’s new cabaret act. The song is called “Just One Woman.” We’ve already done two other songs for the show called “When Molly Sings” and “Every Time I Love.” Scott and I have collaborated on several song-writing adventures in the past, including the children’s musicals Wit’s End and The Big Orange Splot.


Amazon is already sold out of The Man Who Made the Jailhouse Rock! It’s exciting to know the book is actually selling so well. New shipments should get to them soon.

The Man Who Made the Jailhouse Rock is available!

Mark Knowles, author of the biography of Elvis Presley's choreographer I came home after teaching at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts yesterday afternoon and discovered a box of books from McFarland Publishers sitting on my deck. The biography of Alex Romero that I wrote is finally out.  I remember years ago when I first asked Alex  if I could write a book about his life and he got so excited and immediately said yes. I promised him that some day I would do it.This morning after I woke up I sat on my couch and looked through the book and thought, “I kept my promise to this man I loved and respected so much.” It made me so happy.